Sunday, May 01, 2005

people "take two"

Tim Sanders Talking about folks that have been important to my throughput, I must mention Tim Sanders. The original "lovecat" as he says. His best seller, "Love is the Killer App" is a must read for the serious student of business success. Why? It talks of helping others. Without thought of financial reward. Because it is the right thing to do, for those in an enlightened society. Promoting others that contribute value is a noble effort. What if each of us, individually, made a simple decision? "Instead of the status quo, of telling eight people about my bad experiences, and only two people about my good experiences, what if I reversed the numbers? What if I started sharing my good experiences with eight or ten or twenty people? What would society look like? These are the kinds of questions that run through one's mind as you read Tim's book. If fact, I had the privilege of participating in the audience last month, as Tim taped a program for WQED in Pittsburgh featuring his new book, "Likeability Factor." It was most excellent. It gave me a new found enthusiasm to share TIm's work with others. I consider Tim Sanders "for real." And that is a bold statement in today's world. -ski
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