Thursday, May 05, 2005

define "cool"

In the world of blogs, everyone surfing the web seems to have their favorite sites. One that I watch on a somewhat regular basis, is Anita Cambell's Small Business Trends. She often shares posts from a motorcycle maven that many of us recognize: John Wyckoff I recall sharing this post via email back in October, when Wyckoff wrote it. It is just as powerful today. Do I agree that the motor company has lost its "cool"? No. They continue to enjoy great fiscal rewards, year in and year out. But the custom OEMs do offer a lot of cool bikes, starting as little as $20k. But as a throughput guru, I loved the comment [again, from October 2004] about Big Dog and American Iron Horse being sold out for about six months. Dare I suggest that they should contact me? -ski
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