Friday, May 29, 2009

Which Victory Motorcycle

Hour by Hour Hour by Hour Test riding the Victory Motorcycles Which hour makes the most sense for a test ride today? The boys & girls at State 8 Motorcycles (Medina Store only) are featuring test rides on the complete Victory Motorcycle line (produced by Polaris Industries). Victory Motorcycles The bigger question: if you could only own three motorcycles (given the economic uncertainty), which three? For me, the vRod for sure. For time on the road with the wife, the Kawasaki Nomad for sure. That only leaves me one "open to buy" as they say... (don't mention this to my wife) Should it be the 8 Ball King Pin? Or maybe the Buell XB12sg? Or the BMW K1300S? Which bike is on your short list? This should be a great year for the test ride. Let summer begin! -ski
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