Saturday, July 31, 2010

The List (revisited)

SKI revisits the Power of the List I awoke early this morning... Who knows why we awake at crazy hours of the day (or night)? Certainly not me. But I do have a guess: when I have a goal or mission that demands my attention, I am eager to make progress. So this morning, all of a sudden, it's "up time" (or is that "go" time?) and I am on my way to McD's for coffee and a few minutes in a good book. When I read this chapter on "The Power of the List." Wikipedia offers a couple of suggestions, and my favorite is there: "a list of tasks to be completed." But this morning, that ain't "The List" in question It is the Mailing List Wow. Does that ever bring back memories. Like 1980s memories! Yea, I know. Some of you were not yet here on planet Earth when Ronald Reagan took back our country and restored our faith in our Faith. But I digress... In marketing, one must define a small number of Jeromes (target customers) before one can define a target market. An important tool for Sales and Marketing of any idea: business, political, or personal requires a mailing list of leads. The ones that raise their hands and say, "Tell me more" become prospects. Those prospects that acknowledge a want or need for our offering become qualified and stand just inches (we hope) from becoming customers. Paying customers. So, what does your mailing list look like this morning? Need help adding names to it? Call me. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah (330) 432-3533 ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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