Thursday, June 24, 2010

Asymmetrical Fast Transients

Dogfight Asymmetrical Fast Transients One of the core concepts that influenced Colonel John Boyd's thinking process and, most recently my own. I have been studying change (and therefore resistance to change) for some weeks now. It started in earnest as I prepared to present an overview of Constraints Management at the DoD Performance Symposium just outside Washington DC. For those new to SKI on Throughput, Constraints Management is the official model H. William Dettmer created when he injected Boyd's thinking into the Logical Thinking Process of Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints.
FYI: For those in Northeast Ohio (or those willing to travel here), Dettmer and I are presenting the six day workshop on The Logical Thinking Process in Ohio from July 28th to August 3rd.
It has been said that those with the "quickest rate of change" survive. Not so quick? Burnt toast! But too often we in leadership roles forget the concept of trust. Mutual trust. Change cannot happen without it. In the case of a fighter jet, the pilot must trust his equipment to execute a fast transient... more so in directing the people of a business organization. For it always boils down to one factor that is more important than the others: people. People. Ideas. Execution—in that order™ Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah (330) 432.3533 ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved. Photo is in the Public Domain.
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