Sunday, February 10, 2008

TMx :: Part II

Tony Rizzo presents TMx

SKI endorses TMx LLC requires TMx

Disclaimer: Tony Rizzo is a client. I profit as a direct result of each and every copy of TMx that is licensed. Forever. And when big brother buys TMx, I get my pound of flesh, without any blood loss.

Now that the small talk is out of the way, lets get down to business.

Last week (actually January 31st) I was in Las Vegas for the surfaces2008 event. Earlier in January I was in Minnesota. Now, write this from Ohio. And tomorrow, the good Lord willing, I will be back on Hilton Head Island. But I digress...

Show of hands, how many of you know the name Warren Tyler?

He was one of the reasons that I braved yet another shoeless adventure and over 5 hours of flight (each way).

If you have been in the flooring business for more than about two minutes, you should. And, if you are in a retail environment involving sales to consumers, you should. Tyler is good. As good as Zig Ziglar, in his niche. Almost as good as me. And, he gets it!

Including a reference to Good to Great by Collins, and his "the right people" being your greatest asset assertion. But I digress.

One of the many topics during Tyler's presentation: tools. Giving your team the tools that they need to be successful. But more than just successful, effective. Are you sitting down? This is profound:

"Does your team have the proper tools for success?"

No small matter. Not a random thought. Not for the faint of heart.

Somewhere in the recent past (last few days or weeks), I commented on a time study that I did many years ago for a manufacturing firm. Two operators on basically identical machines, performing the same operation on the same lot of material. One operator completes the task in five "turns" of the material. The other just four turns.

One operator had better fixtures.

Better tools.

And so it is with TMx.

If you work with projects, in most any enironment, you need Rizzo's TMx. Work from an Apple Mac? Buy the cheapest PC you can find, get MS-Excel and download TMx.

Recall Stephen Covey? And the lumberjack story? If not, basically, it talks of the need to stop in order to sharpen your saw. You can only go so fast for so long. No matter how good your skills. The race does not go to the swift. It goes to the smartest, swift contestant.

I guarantee that if you download the 30 day evaluation copy (a fully functioning copy) of TMx, schedule a free one demo session with Tony Rizzo, and spend just eight (8) hours learning how to use TMx, you will save at least one full 40 hour week on your very next project.


Or your money back.

Did you catch that? You are going to download TMx for FREE. Schedule one (1) hour with the brightest mind in the world of projects for FREE. And tackle your next project with an unfair advantage. What is the risk?

Yes, for the Eli Goldratt fans listening in, this is all about local optima. But it is more than that, it is your ticket to that corner office. The one with the fake rubber tree. Membership in the local Country Club. Court side seats at the next NBA game that your company supports.

Better yet, let me ask a simple question:

"What is going to take, to get your attention?"

What is it going to take to get you to download TMx?

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah LLC

TMx: Bullet Proof Project Plans

P.S. Please be sure to share your success stories.

P.P.S. If you are somehow unaware of Tony Rizzo's "Total Matrix Planning Process" and its use within TMx, Rizzo offers half-day sessions (3.5 hours) that are one on one, web based, for just $1000. In other words, get the exact training that you, and you alone need to be successful.

(c)Copyright 2008 Jeff SKI Kinsey. All rights reserved.

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