Sunday, February 17, 2008

Purple Curve Effect :: The Paperback

Trade Paperback version still available

As much as I love the convenience of selling PDFs, hard copies of my book are still available. In fact, recently, a customer of the PDF version bought a hard copy. I remember Dr. Howard Meeks buying the PDF after buying the hard copy. I asked, "Why?"

"So that I can search it faster!"

Great answer. I wish I had the PDFs to all my books. It would make up for Eli Goldratt not creating indices for his business novels.

So, just a quick reminder, PCE is still available in paperback. Let me close with this unsolicited review from a reader in South America:

"First let me thank you for your extraordinary book, Purple Curve Effect. I bought it through GMG ... with other books. Well, to make my story short, I dedicated myself to studying the other four books (Wrap Speed Manufacturing, Management Dilemmas, Synchronous Management, and Deming & Goldratt). Then took a three week trip and decided to pick up your book and read it.

"Well, I must be honest with myself. It is an extraordinary book.

"For me, in only two days my perspectives have change dramatically with your book. All the other four books are excellent books, but yours has made the most impact on me."

That is exactly why I took the time to write it! To make a difference in the world.

Need results?

What are you waiting for?

Purple Curve Effect — SKI's Throuhput on Command


P.S. As mentioned, it is available from Goldratt Marketing as well as amazon dot com...

P.P.S. Did I mention the foreword by H. William Dettmer?

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