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January 27th

January 27th at LLC

Where does time go?

If we only have today, yesterday is forever gone, and tomorrow never arrives, how did we get to the 27th day of the new year?

Beats me. But that is not the question.

No matter your plans for tomorrow, what are you going to do with today? May I suggest two thoughts: first, plan globally and execute locally. Second, think different (thanks Apple).

Plan Globally

"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself;
but the simple pass on, and are punished."
—Proverbs 27:12

This might be insight into the magic of strategy and tactics. Strategy is as Tony Rizzo says, riding in the limo, announcing the destination. "Take me to the Hilton Head Island airport." Best set by the president of an organization. Better yet, "Make money now, and more in the future."

Execute Locally

"Be thou diligent to know the state of thy
flocks, and look well to thy herds."
—Proverbs 27:23

What happens when you take your eye off the ball during the golf swing? For me, it goes in the lake. Or trap. Ever feel trapped by the "state" of your business? Rizzo tells us that tactics are like maneuvers of the limo driver: turning left and right and pressing on (at a variety of speeds, including reserve on occasion) to navigate the course to success. To profits.

Or how about just to smaller losses!

My dad used to tell me, "Quit borrowing money, and someday you will be out of debt."

I tell my clients, "Stop doing the stupid things that you are doing, and it will get better."

Rizzo further suggests that we get the President to write a letter (official, on letterhead and everything) stating that in the next 90 days, fill_in_the_blank has my authority and blessing in directing all necessary actions, activities and budgetary expenses to complete the fill_in_the_project.

King Solomon went on to add clarity in this small yet important chapter:

"Iron sharpeneth iron... "
—Proverbs 27:17

In Purple Curve Effect, Thayer Bennett and I said it slightly differently: "Involve others."

In case you were not quite sure, let me restate: I am a lot more serious about your business succeeding that you are. Unless you are getting up early every morning and getting away from home and office, and simply thinking about success. Success for your family. For your business. For your country.

Get a journal and start to think different!

Write down your thoughts. List your problems. Your assets. Your network of resources. Recently, I had a department manager mention his turnover problem. FYI: It will cost your organization at least $10,000 every time you replace a valuable member of your team. Assuming that you get the hire "right." Get it wrong, and the true cost is significantly higher. As in much higher. But I digress...

So, I give the manager the answer: "Buy and study the book, the dream manager."

This book may be the third best book every written (behind only the Holy Bible and my Purple Curve Effect). It is that good. In fact, I stole its message (after a fashion) in my book, even though my book was written three years BEFORE Matthew Kelly's masterpiece. But I digress...

Just one more thing, some day I must share how I use "front loading" to solve problems. But for now, let me say that I was headed to a client's site. I knew about the turnover issue on some level. But had no real details. And while passing through a book store killing some time, I noticed Kelly's book. Skimmed and was amazed. So I bought it. And it is EXACTLY the answer to the question that would be asked many days later!

I am not suggesting that the exact approach used in the book (another business novel) is the only or the best approach, I am simply telling you that it should force everyone in business to examine a number of assumptions that they hold dear. Too dear.

As H. Willliam Dettmer pointed out, I am fond of the Socratic Method.

The first step towards solving a problem, any problem, is asking the right question. As we all know, the way to ask the right question, is to ask a lot of questions. Yes, some of them will be wrong. So what. "But that takes a lot of time!" you might remark.

Well, I can help with that: you have today. This day. And only this day.

"But I don't get paid enough to tackle all the problems facing the business I work for!"

"Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the
fruit thereof: so he that waiteth on his
master shall be honoured."
—Proverbs 27:18

You will be compensated. It is a law of the universe. But it is easier than you think. May I let you in on a small secret? Find the weakest link, and fix it. Period.

That alone is the key to all your problems. Get help. Actually, to be more correct, "involve others!" Ask questions. Read books. Better yet, read every post that I have made on this blog. Yes, if you are serious about success, there is a better than average chance that I have already addressed your problem and offered one or more solutions.

Like the dream manager...

Or, simply pick up the phone. And call me.


P.S. Sorry if this seemed like "preaching" to you. But it is Sunday. And I am passionate about success. Yours first, which as Zig Ziglar states, will assure mine. So there it is; my dirty little secret. SKI is only interested in helping me so that he will succeed.

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