Saturday, January 19, 2008

i am Indy

i am Indy
by Gene Simmons and Simmons Abramson Marketing

Browsing through the hits on my blog, I noticed an unusual search term was used to lead folks to my site:
"gene simmons was right on kodak"
As you know, that was my obvious conclusion. I was surprised that others felt the same way, especially when my search on Friday produced nothing but "The Donald Trump" is king of all. How bogus. He has accomplished a lot, but he makes as many stupid remarks as I do. But I digress...

I found this great post (great on a number of fronts, not just because he agrees with me!):

The right marketing message is key.

I do not give financial advice... but if I owned Kodak, methinks I would start selling it short.


P.S. Learned that Simmons actually gets paid (real money, in large sums) for his marketing ideas. Like the "i am Indy" promotion.

P.P.S. My earlier post: Gene Simmons, MVP


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