Thursday, March 23, 2006

Performance Review

Another great post from guest blogger, David Oakes Often, managers feel challenged when completing performance reviews They are a crucial step in the survival and growth of a team, organization or corporation. The following steps will guarantee success. Do each step with each direct report employee. I give them an assignment before the review:
  1. Review their goals for the past year and bring to the review
  2. Make a list of everything they did last year that they liked best (LB)
  3. Make a list of everything they did last year that they would do differently next time (NT)
  4. Bring a list of 10 goals they would like to do next year (probably based on the NT's)

You do these same four steps on each direct report you have.

At the review:

  1. I have them go over their LB's
  2. I give them my LB's for them
  3. I ask them to give me their NT's (they will probably have many of the same items I have)
  4. I add my NT's that are different
  5. We agree on 10 goals they should accomplish for the coming year

Then I ask for their feedback:

  1. Do you have any NT's that you want me to work on, as your boss, in the coming year?
  2. Where do you see yourself in this organization on the next 1-3 years?

The Key to Success

You are looking for somebody who wants to grow with your organization.

The annual review should last an hour, but no more than two.

Dave Oakes

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