Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Tenet

From the "sounding" one's own horn section... If you were to look on the back seat of my wife's car, you would find a copy of my book, Purple Curve Effect. In the trunk, a partial case of the book. In the garage, laying in plain sight, a copy of the book. On kitchen table. The PDF is on my PCs desktop. People either love or hate the book. That is a good thing, if two hold the same exact opinion, then one of them is unnecessary! Among my favorite reviews: "Purple Curve Effect is an inspirational book that fills an interesting hole in the current TOC library. It is written in a light hearted, easy to read, and conversational tone. SKI's TOC is both practical and applicable to business and personal life." -- C. Grant Lindsay, Jonah So What Among the constructs to convey some pearls of wisdom, I offered a number of tenets to clarify the message. For those that thought perhaps these breaks in the action were mere window dressing: wrong! Tenet One Get the facts before committing Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. How many times have you been roped into a task (or worse, a project) only to learn the ramifications after the fact? Then your "word is your bond" forces you to make the best of a bad situation. Also, in the book, in the third and final part, I pull the message together, and share a number of "Purple Curve Insights". Perhaps they are related to the tenets. Stranger things have happened. Purple Curve Insight One You alone decide your Success Or Happiness Or Throughput Make a decision How much success will you experience if your talents are spent on the wrong task, or worse, the wrong project? What if you selected your task without all the facts? What, if as Earl Nightingale pointed out, you are simply following another follower? Life is too short... -ski P.S. Did I mention you can buy the PDF for just two bucks?
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