Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goldratt's Viable Vision Offer

"How to turn a company's present sales into net profit in less than four years" RALEIGH, N.C.--March 15, 2006 The second 2006 Viable Vision event for North America will feature world-renowned business improvement expert Dr. Eli Goldratt, who will offer business executives his latest concept, Viable Vision, at the Hilton Hotel in Research Triangle Park on May 11th. He is lauded as the father of the Theory of Constraints and is included in the curriculum of many major business schools in the United States and around the world. His first book, "The Goal," has sold more than four million copies worldwide. "When I do an analysis of a company, I am satisfied only when I clearly see how it is possible to bring the company to have, in less than four years, net profit equal to its current total sales," says Dr. Goldratt. He tested this process for years with real companies and will explain how scientific research has transformed manufacturing, distribution and project management-type companies. Viable Vision is a proven frame of reference and roadmap for achieving exponential growth in profits, without relying on new product breakthrough or focusing on niche markets. During the event, Goldratt explains how it is possible for a company to substantially increase sales and profits and how the tools and solutions presented at the event are difficult for competitors to copy. "When we were presented with the idea of a Viable Vision, we were intrigued," says an Owner and President of a manufacturing business in Chico, California. "However, we were skeptical that someone could come up with something that we hadn't thought about ourselves. After meeting with Dr. Goldratt, we had to agree that his Viable Vision for our company could be real." Following the presentation the participants will be given the opportunity to request an evaluation for their company. Goldratt Consulting will review the evaluation to determine if a specific Viable Vision exists at no additional charge. Details & Registration:
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