Sunday, September 25, 2011

Give me heat

Commandment: Give me heat!

Continuing with the theme of the book “Go-Giver” let's talk about which comes first, heat or fuel. As in the commandment above where the homeless woman is holding an old thermostat in her hand on a cool winter's morn, shaking under the cover of nothing more than several refrigerator cartons.

No luck?

Imagine that... I can. In the Go-Giver, the first law is simply, “The Law of Value.” This law talks of how your worth is a measurement of much you give in value above that which you are paid. If you put no wood in the fireplace, why would you expect heat? Commandments are great when there are sufficient resources to effect the change, otherwise, not so much.

On Friday, we submitted an application for the COSE Business Pitch Competition. In my video I mentioned that we expected maybe three or four submissions from organizations associated [in one fashion or another] with Main Street Startups [MSS]. Guess what? Including the one for MSS, there were five! That we know of... take that Northeast Ohio.

Up on Main Street, we are focused on wealth creation, which remains the shortest path to job creation in America. Any one of these five ventures could create significant wealth and therefore, jobs. Even the nonprofit in the mix. Yes, our for profit incubator [unabashedly profit driven™] could create wealth as measured in the ability to provide services to Northeast Ohio. As an aside, if nonprofit business incubators believe they can launch for profits, then the inverse should be true, right? Actually, it is our focus on good olde fashion Marketing that makes it possible. See Geoffrey Moore's "Crossing the Chasm." But I digress...

Bottom line: want heat [traction, cashflow, profit, etc.]? Give more than you expect. Yet one more mantra alive and well at Main Street Startups.

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