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W. Edwards Deming :: Out of the Crisis

Wake Up Call

A search of another topic led me to the Sunarcher blog, which then resulted into my bumping into yet another post on Deming's work, and his Out of the Crisis book.

I can relate to Dr. Dinkelacker's writings and every once in a great while reflect kindly on my days in software development. Of course reality quickly comes crashing down around my ears, I give my head a shake, and remind myself "ain't no way" I could ever go back... and yet, there are some great apps that still need written. But I digress...

It is a shame that most people believe that Deming's message was one of quality. As if his work was called "Deming's System of Profound Quality". Is was not. The three defining words are "system", "profound", and "knowledge".

Wake up America

I doubt that Dinkelacker is quoting me (although I can dream, can't I?) when he states:

"W. Edwards Deming's work on quality, while widely misinterpreted and misapplied in the USA..."

It was this lead sentence that caused me to grab his RSS feed (via bloglines, still my favorite tool for such adventures). Yet, his blog is full of nuggets of great value. Like this link to his employer's "An Owner's Manual for Google's Shareholders" ala Warren Buffet.

Today's challenge: Read Point #4

"End the practice of awarding business on the basis of price tag. Instead, minimize total cost. Move toward a single supplier for any one item, on a long-term relationship of loyalty and trust."

For me, Deming forgot an important concept (although some might argue that it is inherent): due date performance. Come on, we are Americans. We don't do "inherent" very well.

Spell it out

What gets posted on my wall gets done. Period. And very little else... that is why I do not allow my wife to make lists for me. I see a list and immediately my mind starts solving the challenges standing in the way of accomplishing everything listed. May I suggest that your mind does likewise? (BTW, I know your mind does as well, and the sooner we all awake each morning remembering this profound fact, the sooner we solve the world's systemic problems.)

Due date performance is a key component of Trust. But for me, I must spell it out. How many times have you told someone that a goal without a date is (at best) only a wish? Show of hands, how many of you actually think that is was luck that page 27 of my book, Purple Curve Effect, talks about my favorite things in life and business?

Truth is stranger than Fiction

Page twenty-seven draws to a close on the concept that makes it all possible: the Dream.

What's your dream?

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P.S. FYI: Zig Ziglar has the greatest example of "price versus cost" that I have ever heard, when he tells about the two bicycles they bought his son many years ago. I noticed that Zig will be in Charleston, SC again this year (this coming week!). Well worth the cost to hear Zig live, if you never have. What are the chances that Zig received this piece of inspiration from Deming?

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