Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob Nardelli :: Take Two

Get Ready... for Nardelli?

This banner from last year was up for the buy out, as Chrysler more or less went private. A very good thing in my mind.

Surprise, Surprise

Checking out this Bloomberg article, I noticed that Bob Nardelli is at the helm of Chrysler LLC. I guess I missed that announcement. Of course, privately (or "closely held") companies do not have the reporting requirements that publicly traded companies must observe.

"Chrysler announced in November it planned to cut 12,100 jobs by the end of this month, including as many as 10,000 manufacturing jobs. It also canceled four models and later announced a plan to consolidate dealerships and shrink its lineup further."

I predict Chrysler will shortly leap frog GM and Ford. In a big way.

Six Sigma works. Lean (Toyota Production System) works. Of course those that follow my blog know that Constraints Management (CMM) works (CMM is the combination of Eli Goldratt's TOC and the late Col. John Boyd's OODA Loop as documented in H. William Dettmer's books Strategic Navigation and The Logical Thinking Process). Not having bogus quarterly numbers to hit simply to appease Wall Street is a very good thing.

While I am 100% against the lay-offs, I will not second guess Nardelli. At least not yet.

Lets consider judging them on their product: the actual cars and trucks that they build.

What a novel idea.

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