Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New TMx Logo

It takes a Village...

It is mostly about people. Business that is. For me, business is about solving problems for money. Solve more problems than the next guy, make more money. Of course, address the concept of "throughput" and you get to keep more of the money. But I digress...

Part of the village on the TMx adventure was Thayer Bennett. Her desire to build a great marketing plan around Tony Rizzo's Total-Matrix planning tool known as TMx. Also, Lana Lewis of Lana Lewis Design created the final artwork. Please visit WWW.PDITMX.INFO to see the graphics up close and personal.

As many of you know, I built the eCommerce back end that allows those suitably impressed individuals to convert the free download into a fully licensed product with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Finally, thanks to Tony Rizzo for staying true to the vision. In fact, if you want a sneak peek at the future of "help systems" you must download this app. This thing will practically build project models by itself! Hit the "what's next" button and it takes control. Kind of scary.

Actually, quite profound. But maybe not for everyone.

I was talking with a friend (lets call him, Harry) and asked which project planning software he used. He said, "Pad." I queried further, "Pad? I am not familiar with that. Who makes it?"

A paper pad and a pencil


TMx can even help my friend Harry.

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