Monday, May 21, 2007

Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone
by Dylan

Good stuff... the stuff that launches others to action (like forming a Rock band). As I have mentioned before, I consider "Things have Changed" Dylan's best effort. Ever.

Today, it occurred to me, that it might actually qualify as a sequel to "Like a Rolling Stone." Stranger things have happened!

"I use to care,
but things have changed."

I actually care more today. Looking back over just the last year, life has been an amazing journey... for business as well as personal affairs. Geographically, I found myself back in California on extended biz trips... by the way, what a great group of Toastmasters in Modesto! But I digress...

Then comes Seth Godin's newest book of the month, "The Dip." No, it only seems like he publishes a new book every month. I have the audio book on CD and cannot get past track eight yet. There are a lot of great insights that demand some serious study time to fully understand and apply the lessons. For me, Godin is either right on, or out in left field. The Dip seems right on! So far. More comments once I better understand the message.

One aside is in order. Jack Welch. Yes, of GE fame. I have never understood his success. Or his writings. Godin made it crystal clear (to me, a least). Welch made the decision to be the market leader (first or second, never third or worse) in each market that GE decided to compete. That is profound. Forget the challenges in that biz model for a moment, and consider the ramifications. Godin explains that success is not linear (my words, I think).

In the case of the top flavors of ice cream, consider that vanilla and chocolate are first and second. But did you know that vanilla sells four times as much as number two chocolate? Therefore, who cares about number three!

I am making some changes in my biz models... and spending more time on my vRod. Look for some exciting examples of rolling stones through the dips in the days ahead.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

P.S. What is your reaction to "The Dip?"

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