Sunday, May 06, 2007

Meet Luke Short

Professional Gambler Luke Short

Bigger than life... but less than six foot tall.

Rifle in hand.

It took me by surprise as I rode over the top of the hill, and gazed on Luke Short for the first time. Was I in trouble? Who was this rugged individual walking the country side with gun in hand? Looking back across almost 40 years, Luke was to become my best friend.

The adventures we would share might just make a good book. If not a movie (or mini series!).

The stuff that two adventurers do in the travels of life that might not ever get shared with the world at large... after all, the statue of limitations is not the only measure for an enlightened society. Of course, with age comes wisdom (or at least it should!). On horse back near the Ponderosa... later that day, cutting through the walls of snow over eight feet tall on the west side of Lake Tahoe. Memories to be cherished.

That New Year's day poker game in the frigid north country near White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Or racing horses along the Tuscarawas River near Dover, Ohio. Or watching the waves break on the sandy beach in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with Indians giving chase!

What lies ahead?

Only time will tell.

O. Henry
The Dodge City Daily Globe

P.S. Check out Luke's Old West Antique store for some real bargains!

(c)Copyright 1884 O. Henry.
All rights reserved.

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