Sunday, November 22, 2009

737: Vantage points come and they go

Dream Building NASA Style Today (Sunday) is a great day for dream building and I have mentioned that fact on several (if not many!) occasions. In fact, the local Cadillac dealership has a new Red 2010 CTS on the lot today. Even more interesting, the Sunday newspaper has an advertisement for leasing the CTS for just $399/mo for 48 months. But I digress... Consider the importance of one's vantage point. In the photo above, how long did it take you to notice that it is planet Earth rising over the moonscape? For most of us, at least fully a second, maybe two. Why? Great question! It is outside our experiences. Only 12 men have been afforded the opportunity to see an Earth rise from our Moon. So, you, like me, need to "think outside the box" so to speak to appreciate this vantage point. Note too that those men only ever had the privilege once. A few more were promised the chance, but "stuff happens." Which of your dreams are going to come true? First and foremost, most likely only the ones that you plan for, scheme for, loose sleep for... and even then, it might not happen. Another 12 visited the Moon but never landed. And that ain't all bad! What is your dream? Can you see the world around us from that vantage point (of having achieved the goal)? If not, you probably won't even break Earth's orbit. Me? I have no plans to leave the good olde US of A... but there are a lot places I have yet to visit right here in my own country. However, a HondaJet might come in handy... Semper Fi Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey P.S. Need help dreaming larger dreams? Maybe I can help. (c)2009, Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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