Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prepare for the Wolf by Robert Roots

Robert Roots book, Prepare for the Wolf Les Brown was right... This is a great book. Robert Roots shares some great insights for us all. I love the subtitle: "Success Secrets from The Three Little Pigs." Are you a "Straw Person"? Wood? Or Brick? Do you know that straw spelled backwards is warts? If so, what does that indicate about your approach to the challenges of life?
"Don't take a Poll, Take Control!" Stop surveying your friends, family and sometimes even strangers before you make a decision." —Robert Roots
This is a fast read, but a book that you will refer to often... and share with family members. And with his new web site and google checkout, you can get your copy on its way quickly.


P.S. At just $12.95 plus S&H, you are going to want to order two copies. Minimum. There is at least one person that drives you crazy with their inability to make a decision. Give them a copy. Help them to prepare for the "flow" of success. Already successful? Take it to the next level.

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