Sunday, January 04, 2009

Jeff SKI Kinsey and $$boxee at CES

I could use your vote... UPDATE: I lost; here are the winners boxee (the next killer app) is giving away a trip to Vegas and CES this week. They put on a contest for end users to contribute a video promo for boxee ("should be 60 seconds or less" — mine is 59!)... Here is link and voting poll: They also asked us to make a "quick pitch" on why we should be picked. Here is my pitch:

Pick me! Pick me!

Link to my boxee promo video:

Quick pitch on “why me?”:

Have been using boxee for about a month and love it. I am on an iMac mini connected to big screen and use a wireless mouse. Going to build a Ubuntu box in a few weeks.

I am an Advanced Toastmaster. Have presented other technical offerings at events around the USA for over 10 years, including Vegas and Reno. Been active in Open Source Software since consulting at Lexis-Nexis in 1996.


So, if you are of a mind, please visit the site, and check out a few of the videos. Be sure to watch mine, listed #17 Jeff (SKI). If you are comfortable selecting mine, great. Please vote for me.

If not, I understand. We really do want the best of the best representing boxee at CES.


P.S. The winner will be announced by noon TOMORROW... so, as LBJ was heard to remark, vote quickly and vote often! No, seriously, just one vote per person. Thanks.

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