Sunday, June 04, 2006

Las Vegas

Las Vegas as viewed from Henderson I have always liked Reno better than Las Vegas. The small town feel. Not that I am much of a gamer. I like what Sir Charles says about it, paraphrasing: "I can afford to gamble, so I will." Not that I can. But for those that can, fine. However, I recently have seen another side to the argument. Henderson. The well manicured communities remind me a lot of Hilton Head Island. The temperature can be similar, except as we all have heard, in Vegas, "Its a dry heat." Now I understand. The weather man says it is 105. There is little shade. But no humidity, well almost none: 4%. I am surprized. It ain't all that bad. Sure, inside the air cconditioning is running. But I have been running around without the benefit of air while driving around town this weekend. Not bad. Hot? Sure. Unbearable? Not at all. An unusual post, to be sure. But one that I wanted to share. Now that life has forked, with the passing of my dad. A reference to programming when a code's evolution becomes blocked along one path. Guess that I am ready to procede without his wisdom. Hard to imagine. Life goes on. -ski
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