Saturday, February 11, 2006

TOCnow dot com

The first step in relaunching TOCreview magazine...
  • redefinition of the target market
  • redefinition of the goods & services
  • redefinition of the business plan
  • redefinition of the name
Yes, TOCreview will morph into TOCnow. Throughput on Command NOW! TOCnow will be 100% digital, optimized for generation of PDFs that can be shared quickly. Perhaps even bound into volumes for sale like a traditional book or magazine. Throughput Press will morph to direct the activity. These plans were formulated late in the year 2001... but obviously were sidelined. Now, updated in light of other all digital efforts, print on demand, and podcasting/vlogs and such, the time is right. The first public sign of the coming revolution: First things first: if you are a merchant of Constraints Management solutions, tools, or materials of most any nature, I want to chat with you. Sales come first (as Peter Drucker pointed out on numerous occasions, all other functions consume cash!). -ski
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