Monday, February 20, 2006

calling Jonah

JONAH 3+3™ In the world of Constraints Management, we call an expert a "Jonah." Why? The name comes from the best seller, "The Goal -- A Process of On-Going Improvement" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt. The problem solving professor, Jonah, teaches uncommon common sense. Anyone that has heard Eli Goldratt speak, has heard him repeatedly talk of the rigorous "cause and effect logic" requirements to solve the challenges facing today's entrepreneur or business leader. Recently, H. William Dettmer taught another session of my Jonah3+3™ offering. It reminded me that I have not done enough promotion of this tool. Some of you are aware that I taught Computer Science (part-time) for ten years, while running a computer consulting practice. It was a lot of fun, and provided a vehicle for me to "give back" to society as former IBMer Buck Rodgers suggests. It also provided great insight into what makes people tick, so to speak. An instructor must convey complex material in short spans of time over an extended period of several weeks. Not an easy task, given that as class size increases, effectiveness seems to decrease. With the Jonah3+3™, we hold the class size down. Ideal size is four to six "self taught" Jonahs that want to complete their formal education. But if time is of the utmost importance, we do offer "one on one sessions" at a reasonable fee. Note that I did not say, inexpensive. Reasonable. So, if you are excited about Dr. Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC), and its many applications like, DBR, CCPM, Logical Thinking Processes, and Replenishment, or the variations and enhancements like sDBR, check out the materials on the Applying Common Sense web site: Drop me a line, and let us see if the Jonah3+3™ course is right for you or your organization. Spring is about to spring (honest!), so May looks like a good time to schedule an offering. -ski
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