Saturday, November 19, 2005

seth godin on pricing

Seth's Head

Seth Godin tackles pricing in a recent blog...

If you are not aware of Godin, you are probably not in the Sales & Marketing department of your organization. His observations are that profound. Still, regardless of your corporate obligations, give him a once over.

"Which leads to the current debate over how much Apple should charge for iTunes. 99 cents a song is a great signal. It tells the purchaser that this is somehow fair." -Godin

I wanted to disagree on this issue, but could not. I have used several legit sources for downloading songs (and recently, video) for my iPod. I used Wal-Mart and they have a price of 88 cents per song. But it requires (as far as I know) several steps to get the music transferred to the iPod.

With Apple iTunes, it is painless to enjoy the music. On my PC, or to burn a CD for the PT Cruiser, or via my iPod.

Well worth the 99 cents price of admission. Should Apple decide to bump the price, I will probably go back to Wal-Mart. Basic Econ 101. Although, as I write this, I am listening to XM Radio online via their 3 day free trial offer. Do not ask me why, I cannot speak Spanish, but I have spent most of my time listening to channel 90.


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