Sunday, November 13, 2005

casual friday

technology is amazing... for years, i have wondered what practical value XML could offer to the business world. you are not going to believe where i found the answer. Rocketboom is a "Wayne's World" kinda production from a small studio [apartment!] somewhere in the village [i assume]. but just like that classic movie starring Wayne and Garth, Rocketboom is very entertaining. educational too. a recent vlog, which unlike this text blog, is a video log, did a great job of explaining and promoting RSS - Really Simple Syndication is a lite XML version for sharing web content. And there is a ton of it out there to be shared... and in human friendly format. to witness RSS first hand, watch this Rocketboom overview: if you decide to try the news feed reader, you can then add my blog to your desktop, under the section "my feeds" by subscribing to: let me know what you think. -ski
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