Sunday, June 19, 2005

price wars

Nobody wins a price war. I grew up loving small block Chevys and the cars that featured them. I owned (among a lot of other cars!) a 1965 Chevelle with a 327 and the famous "hump back" hi-performance cylinder heads. Then there was the 1968 Chevelle with the big block, then back to a small block 350 in a 1972 Camero... General Motors decision to offer "employee" pricing to everyone is stupid. They should know that no one ever wins a price war. Marketing 101 should convey that regardless of the amount of lipstick on the pig, it is still a pig! Somewhere about ten years ago, I became a huge Chrysler fan. Lee Iacocca's efforts finally paid off. He saved the company, when I felt the government should have let it die. Okay, I was not always perfect. The mini-van is huge. My PT Cruiser is a great vehicle... but having rented a Pacifica this past January in Daytona Beach, I have a new dream! This vehicle (pictured above) is every bit as fun to drive as it looks. Chrysler has the vehicles that I want to own. As a very small group of folks know, Cadillac probably still exists today in no small part because of the efforts of Eli Goldratt. I do like the CTS. But it is the Pacifica that keeps me up nights. Come on GM, anybody can start a price war. Give us some cars worth parting with our hard-earned money! -SKI
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