Wednesday, January 04, 2012

JZ Fulfillment launches

Main Street Startups launches
JZ Fulfillment
Massillon, Ohio

I am excited to share the birth of a new company... one that has been a labor of love for the last few months. But Founder and CEO, Greg Butler, and I are more excited about what this mean for startups and small businesses in America:

“JZ Fulfillment provides world class services
for the small to medium sized business…
even the‘startup’ for as little as $29 per month!” 
—Greg Butler, Founder & CEO

Now, you have a choice: stuff boxes or make sales calls!

For as little as $29 per month, let the experts at JZ Fulfillment handle the details of assembly, packaging and shipment. It is just that simple. Sign up securely today, and JZ will ship for you tomorrow!

Have you invented a better mouse trap?

Call me. We can help.

Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey
Entrepreneur in Residence
Main Street Startups
(330) 737-1490

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