Saturday, February 13, 2010

#760: It's "GO TIME" at RhinoGATOR

RhinoGATOR dot com is your best source for Job Searches in the good ole U.S. of A. What is RhinoGATOR? And why do I care about "Third Party Vendors"? Two great questions. Some might say, SKI, how do you do it? Easy. As they used to suggest on Romper Room, I just "put on my thinking cap!" In the world of Constraints Management, we talk in terms of a system's "weakest link" that prevents unlimited flow or throughput. As you may recall, I am more than passionate about the concept of throughput... in fact, that might even make a great name for a blog. But I digress... When I had the vision for RhinoGATOR™, it was easy to identify two significant constraints in the employment process. Which led me down an interesting path of debating a sort of "chicken or the egg" analysis, leading to the focus on the Job Seeker. Why? In short, there are plenty of open Job Requisitions available on the internet. One challenge is finding suitable openings for which to apply. Enter my solution. Among the reasons a new tool was necessary: Job Boards are not sufficient. Listing only the jobs for which you get paid, does not help the Job Seeker. Hence our Job Search Tool, also known as a Job Aggregator, RhinoGATOR™ But now that we return an order of magnitude more jobs than any other single Job Board on Earth (at least for our target market of the USA), where has the weakest link moved? In other words, now that we are giving the Job Seeker real choices (some might say too many!), in the form of ten or twenty or even 100 open Job Reqs in a given location (go on, compare us to your favorite Job Board, I dare you!), what is next on the radar screen? Third Party Vendors Soon, within a week or so, we expect to announce our first partnership. Any guesses what that first service might be? Give us your best guess over on twitter: To the first person that correctly guesses via a tweet, a free copy of my book, Purple Curve Effect, so you can create your own breakthroughs in the business world. Winner announced when we reveal the actual service. Be sure to follow RhinoGATOR™ on twitter! ©2010 Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey. All rights reserved.
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