Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fourth of our July?

google pays tribute to our Fourth of July I have to wonder how much longer... How much longer we will be free to celebrate that outrageous act that became the United States of America? On a side note, I have to wonder if the picnic scene is the best representation of our freedom? Makes a great visual, but of what? With one in ten Americans out of work, how many picnics on serene grassy knolls are taking place today? News on the airwaves this week from Congress (no less) pointed out that hate crimes cannot be committed against white people. The point seemed to be that unless there was a long history of hate crimes against a group, the law would not apply. In other words, WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) have never been on the receiving end of hate. Ah, the power of revisionism. Bob Seger would be proud! As we continue to open our doors to the world, and WASPs become the minority, what will America look like? What will it sound like? Given that Spanish is now our second language, anybody have a pool going on when it will become our first language? Put a buck (oops, sorry!) Euro down for me on May 5, 2025. If man is still alive.
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