Monday, February 09, 2009

Great VTwin Expo Kickoff for 2009

Accel Motorcycle Great turn-out for 2009 VTwin-Expo
"We have decided not to participate in any recessions." —Joe Distefano
First, a disclaimer: "Joe D" is a client of and a good friend. His efforts in the motorcycle industry should be required reading for all would-be late comers. Especially his work on behalf of the VTwin industry. Much like one of his heroes (Elvis), Joe is the hardest working guy I know in our beloved industry. You might have noticed him working the Accel booth (#913) at this year's show. Right across from the OCC booth. Where I was surprised to see long-time acquaintance and industry stalwart, Skeeter Todd. Watching over the production bikes that use Rolling Thunder frames (Hi Sam!) for OCC. But I digress... Industry veterans exhibiting at the event were pleasantly surprised by the attendance. From my roaming the show floor, I had the sense that the right folks from the motorcycle dealerships were on hand and looking for that "next killer app" for their showroom. I was surprised by the lack of an Indian Motorcycle booth (since they claim to be shipping bikes), but other than that misstep, it was a great event. I was also pleased to see more offerings for my beloved vRod (counted three of them on display at the show) and some vendors coming into the VTwin market that were "metric only" just a few short years ago. Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey ©2008 LLC. All rights reserved.
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