Saturday, August 25, 2007

H. William Dettmer and Logical Thinking Process

Received this email from Amazon dot com

I consider myself privileged to have received an advance copy of the book. Disclaimer: I make no revenue from the sale of this book. However, Dettmer is a client and a partner on several business adventures, including my Jonah3+3™ course offering.

And the Boyd Speakers Bureau.

The Logical Thinking Process: A Systems Approach to Complex Problem Solving is a book based on the evolution of the tools surrounding the proper application of cause and effect logic. I would suggest that my numerous Jonah3+3™ sessions (all taught by Dettmer) and the interaction with my clients during those sessions, helped make this book better.

If you are in business, or considering the leap into self-employment, buy my book first: Purple Curve Effect. Then buy this book next. My light-hearted, fast paced prose will provide encouragement. Then Dettmer delivers the "how to" in great detail.


Jeff 'SKI' Kinsey, Jonah

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