Tuesday, July 07, 2009

1st US Congress opens with Psalm 35

Best program on TV If you have never heard of American Historian David Barton, you might fall for Chicago-style politics... but there is hope! Proof positive that America was founded on Christian principles. Dr. Charles F. Stanley and In Touch Ministries presented David Barton of Wall Builders over July 4th weekend and is making the program, "Is America a Christian Nation?" available online. Nuggets include examples like the fact that the first Bible printed in America was printed by the US Congress. Or this:
"The General Principles on which the Fathers achieved Independence were the ... general principles of Christianity." —John Adams
Watch the program (with introduction by Dr. Stanley) online:
Windows Media (very large file) QuickTime (very large file)
Don't be fooled by those revisionists that want to steal your heritage. All that is required is for the "good" to do nothing.
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